Meet Rocket

If you follow us on Facebook you may already have come across Rocket, our barn owl – in fact you may have even helped name him!

Since Rocket hatched he has been closely monitored and looked after by Ron, who is one of our Steve’s Leaves farmers. Ron can often be seen on the farm with Rocket, who helps naturally control pests on the farm. By keeping Rocket, our own barn owl, and attracting hawks, birds and beetles, we can just let nature take its course.

Rocket has grown substantially, and enjoys showing off his impressive wing span to any visitors as he flies around the farm and also accompanies Ron on visits to local schools, where he delights the children.

10% of the land on all our farms, even in Europe, is given over to wildlife conservation and biodiversity. As well as breeding barn owls in nest boxes across our farms, we’re also helping to protect turtle doves as they make their way from Spain and Portugal to the UK. That’s why Conservation Grade awarded us ‘Fair to Nature’ status (and we’re the only salad brand to have it).

For more information on how to help your local environment, visit the Conservation Grade website.