Nature friendly

Naturally, lovingly & sensibly

We’re proud to grow the happiest, tastiest, most sun-drenched, nature-friendly leaves you can buy. And we do it all on our farms in Hampshire, Wiltshire and Kent – some of the loveliest parts of the country – as well as our own farms in sunny Southern Europe.

Soaked in sunshine

One reason our little leaves are bursting with flavour and colour is all the natural sunlight they get. And they’re just as good all year round because, as soon as the British winter rolls in, we bring them in from our farms in Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Our leaves are always grown just as nature intended, at nature’s own pace, instead of being forced under lamps in the UK (which would use up more energy, too).

Farming fields Salad leaves

Grown solely in natural light

Assorted weather pin badges

Tickled by the breeze

Our baby leaves are only ever grown outside, because their little tiny stems need the wind and rain to help them grow up strong and crisp.

Rocket the Barn Owl Say hello to Rocket

Natural pest control

Unsurprisingly, all kinds of bugs and pests want to feast on our lovely leaves. So we create safe habitats where they can feed happily away from our fields. And by keeping Rocket, our own barn owl, and attracting hawks, birds and beetles, we can just let nature take its course.

Fair to Nature Conservation Grade

Giving back to nature

10% of the land on all our farms, even in Europe, is given over to wildlife conservation and biodiversity. For example, we’ve got barn owls breeding in nest boxes across our farms, and we’re helping to protect turtle doves as they make their way from Spain and Portugal to the UK.

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Washed leaves illustration

Washed in spring water

At harvest time, all of our leaves make their way to our home farm in Hampshire, where we gently wash them in fresh water straight from our own spring (and absolutely nothing else).

Meet our leaves

Floating Crimson Chard leaf

Floating on air

Just like anyone, we take extra care of our babies. Our unique pillow-bags are filled with nothing but fresh air, cushioning our leaves so they won’t get squished in your trolley or fridge.