This is Steve!

Our founder, Steve Rothwell

We think he’s the bees knees.

A leafy pioneer!

Steve Rothwell founded Steves Leaves over a decade ago at a watercress farm in Hampshire. He knows more about leaves than almost anyone on the planet.


Teeny tiny tastier leaves!

Our difference is tiny

Steve believes that the secret to fabulously fresh and tasty true baby leaf salad comes down to our key principles. Firstly, the smaller the leaf, the better. We only harvest the teeniest, tiniest baby leaves – as we believe these have more natural flavour. Secondly our leaves grow slowly in natural sunlight, to give them crisp tender stems and a natural vibrant colour. All our leaves are grown in a nature friendly environment – 10% of our land is used to create and maintain wildlife habitats. And we think our leaves taste just that little bit more amazing for it!

A salad trend setter



Steve shakes up our salad tastes by mixing his beloved peppery watercress with more well known lettuce leaves…



Steve introduces roquette (yes, rocket!) to UK supermarkets, followed by mizuna and even spinach as a salad leaf…



Steve begins work on the salad mixes he’d happily put his name to. Including trying out over 45 varieties of pea shoot before he feels finally ready…

…and in 2012
we launched nationwide!

We start getting out & about…

Out and about

Our first bags hit the shelves…

First bags

Available from Leeds to Lands End!…


Tiny leaves, huge awards

  • healthyfood - Eat the Best - Food & Drink Awards
  • Great Taste
  • Quality Food Q Awards

You agree!!! Turns out Steve’s right, tiny leaves do have more flavour and this is backed up by some great awards.

Steve’s hard work pays off as our smaller, naturally grown baby leaf salads launch to wide acclaim – including a Great Taste award and praise from Masterchef judges John and Greg!


Steve’s Salad Shed
Steve’s Salad Shed

From field to festivals

You can now find our salads in your local Waitrose, online at Ocado and at all quality farm shops. But if that’s not enough for you, you can follow us on Facebook.