Behind the scenes with Baby Watercress!

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Behind the scenes with Baby Watercress!

We love to let you know what’s going on around the farm (catch our summer update if you missed it!) This time we thought we’d give you a look at our delicious baby watercress.

Our watercress farms are located on the headwaters of chalk rivers. There are just over 200 chalk rivers in the world and over 85% of those are found in England. The waters are very pure and provide a unique environment for all kinds of special wildlife. The rivers around our farm are home to some gorgeous otters and water voles that are protected species – we feel privileged that they have chosen to live alongside us!

Watercress is grown in gravel beds filled with spring water. We grow a lot of watercress so we use a lot of gravel! Rather than buying new gravel and having to dispose of the old stuff, we wash and recycle it so it can be used again and again. Reduce, reuse, and recycle in action!

Our watercress farmers are a great bunch. Some of them have been doing it for more than 30 years and they can do amazing things like levelling watercress beds by eye (like they did back in the day!). And then some of our newer farmers have brought smart technology onto our farms and use the latest laser technology to do the levelling. It’s the perfect mixture of old and new!

We know you don't want your leaves to be messed about with so, once harvested, we wash our babies in spring water (we have our very own natural spring right on the farm!) and pack them in protective pillow bags filled with the finest fresh air!

Once the water has washed our tasty baby leaves, it is naturally filtered through our watercress beds so it's nicely cleansed before it re-joins the river. The process is non-consumptive meaning that we put back exactly what we use! Now that’s what we call recycling.

All our baby leaves are washed in spring water and packed in bags filled with fresh air. This is because we want you to have the tastiest leaves around and believe their natural freshness is the best!

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