Supporting a worthy cause!

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Supporting a worthy cause!

Wildlife is very important to us here at Steve’s Leaves and a cause close to our hearts is the Hawk Conservancy Trust, who are doing a brilliant job in their mission to conserve birds of prey!

We have a few winged friends our very own – Rocket and Dani – who are looked after and monitored by Ron, one of our Steve’s Leaves farmers, and help us by naturally controlling pests. The Hawk Conservancy Trust is doing an incredible job caring for more than 150 birds of prey, from owls to eagles, and even have a dedicated Bird of Prey Hospital where sick birds are cared for!

To support the fabulous work the Trust is doing, we have passed on a donation of £100 to the Trust! All donations were received during visits to our farm last year. We want to give a big thank you to all those that visited us and made a donation!

To find out more about the Hawk Conservancy Trust click here!