Out and About on our Farm

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Out and About on our Farm

Summer is the busiest time of the year for our farms – you guys are clearly loving our leaves!

The weather has been amazing for BBQs and soaking up the sunshine but it hasn’t half been tough for our farmers! They’ve done an amazing job looking after our leaves and keeping them fresh and tasty, harvesting at 4am in the coolest part of the morning. Now that’s dedication!

As well as planting and harvesting this summer, we’ve been busy improving natural habitats across our farmland.

Our watercress farms are located on unique Chalk Rivers. There are only 200 Chalk Rivers in the world and over 85% of those are found in England. The waters are pure and provide a great environment for all kinds of special wildlife such as mayfly and wild brown trout to live. We take our role as partners to mother nature very seriously!

This month we’ve created a new stream to move sediment away from our tasty leaves, and to ensure we maintain the high water quality of the rivers around our farm. It was hot hard work – but we’ll take any excuse to get out in the sun!

We also took part in the Big Butterfly count 2018 – again another great reason to get out of the office and enjoying the gorgeous sun and countryside! Are you noticing a trend here?

As well as butterflies we saw loads of wildlife, like wild brown trout, ducks, and bees. We uploaded our findings to bigbutterflycount.org and now await the national results! You can find out the 2017 results here or read about our big butterfly count here.

To find out what else we do to ensure we produce the tastiest leaves possible, and look after the nature around us, head to our farming page.