Our little beauties

Always fresh & always tasty New Sshhhhhh! our babies are sleeping

Welcome to Steve’s Leaves – home of delicious & uniquely tiny baby leaf salad.

The unusual suspects

Watercress Wild Rocket Red Pak Choi Peashoots

Steve is our very own ‘flavour pioneer’. He inspires us to grow the most flavour-packed, award-winning salad leaves imaginable.

Leaf growers

From our fields To your

We take care of our leaves from seed to supermarket shelf, harvesting them smaller to retain their unique fresh flavour; with no stalky bits!

Small, tasty spinach leaf
A bright fluffy cloud Sunshine
A lovely (but wet) rain cloud

Nurtured by nature

Steve insists our leaves are always grown outside; because it’s better for their flavour & the planet!

Packed in
fresh air

All of our salads are washed in fresh spring water, then packed with fresh air into our unique pillow-bag to prevent squishing.

Our tasty range

Steve hasn’t stopped exploring flavours. Today we offer a range of flavour-filled true baby leaf salad to suit any meal… pea shoot and oat breakfast smoothie anyone?